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I was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and raised in North Dakota.  As a boy in the midwest during the 1970's, there was limited exposure to the arts.  While attending high school, my ceramics teacher discovered my talent and aptitude for clay.  After sitting at the potter's wheel for the first time, I immediately felt comfortable and knew I was meant to throw clay.

After moving to California, I enrolled in college to further my studies in clay.  I quickly learned the unlimited possibilities in ceramic shapes and firing techniques.

While in college, I was introduced to the raku process which I have continued to explore to this day.  I love the feeling of opening the kiln and am continually surprised by the unique and beautiful ceramic pieces that the raku process creates.

A few years ago I began to blow glass.  I have always been intrigued by the glassblowing process and am fascinated by the transparency of glass which allows light to shine through it.  This wonderful quality is not found in ceramics.  I particularly enjoy designing my own cane and murrine as elements for my glass artwork.

Conveniently, many of the same galleries that sell my ceramics have welcomed my glass enthusiastically.  I have now built a glass studio attached to my ceramics studio and I happily go back and forth between them.  My intent is to combine the two mediums in the years to come.

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